About us

We believe in human skills,
in aesthetic standards and in the quality of detail.
But we like to innovate.
To offer garments that can give a "wow" effect.

WOOTI is the only 100% made in Italy brand in the world that allows you to buy stockings and tights exclusively online directly from the manufacturer, guaranteeing you not only quality and comfort, but also ease of purchase and assistance.

Italy is famous all over the world for its extraordinary ability to leave people ecstatic when they taste our cuisine, and WOOTI is inspired by this concept! The hosiery Made in Italy has a recognizable added value since the first contact, and, just like with Italian cuisine, once tried you cannot do without it.

WOOTI brand is born in 2018 in Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana s.r.l., a company present on the market since 1985. We personally and carefully follow each production step internally to ensure the highest quality and we carry out continuous sample checks at any time during the production cycle.

With WOOTI you will buy a product that wants to show how a simple accessory can transform you into the woman you want to be, knowing that the shop you are looking for is right at your fingertips.

Made in Italy


When we talk about Made in Italy we talk about details that make the difference. Wooti products are made entirely in Italy in full compliance with national and foreign regulations, to offer 100% Made in Italy garments on the market.