Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Made in Italy is much more than a formula.

100% Made in Italy is what makes WOOTI a special brand.

The attention to details, the passion of our employees and the precise controls make our products always excellent in quality.

Our company is located in the centre of the hosiery district in Castel Goffredo, where there are also our major suppliers of raw materials.

The company follows internally all the production steps, from knitting to packaging through sewing, dyeing, ironing, boarding, packaging and shipping to the final consumer.

"Our specialized staff has ages of experience in this field and the employees have a particular passion for their job. Each production step is followed by our employees who make continuous sample checks to always ensure the highest quality and give our customers a product to be proud of."


WOOTI production can be almost considered handicraft, in fact over the knitting production which can make over 7.000.000 of hosiery products per year, all the other manufacturing phases are made by qualified employees, inside our factory.

The production cycle starts from our knitting room, where over 60 machines constantly work day and night under our operators control, ready to intervene at any time. Once per hour the operators make a sample check on each machine, to look for possible defects or any other problem in the articles.

The second step is the seam, where our operators work in a different way according to the article, some are manually sewn and others are sewn with special machines under operators control. During the seam, the products are constantly checked to be sure to put together only the ones considered suitable for the sale.

After that, the articles are divided by the staff into special “drawers” and dyed with anti-allergic and non-harmful products. After dyeing, it is also added a scented softener as a distinctive touch.

The next step is drying, which takes place in our special oven. Then the articles are manually ironed and boarded with foot shape on special frames. During the processing, the products are checked to verify that the dyeing is uniform, the seams are straight and all previous works have been correctly done.

When all the steps have been completed, the products can enter into the packaging area where they are manually folded, inserted into the WOOTI envelopes and placed in our warehouse, ready to be sent to our Customers.